Einsen , a lovely colt by Claim to Fame, was born March 5, 2014 in Texas! His dam Fonda, did a great job on her first foal. Owner, Troy White, is one proud papa!!!


Special Effort

We are thrilled to have a Counterclaim yearling here for the start of his training. 16 hands and not quite two years old, this fellow is gorgeous! He has lovely conformation, my favorite coloring, and will probably end up at least 16.2h! He is by a TB dam and owned by Cynthia Lewis.


Celebrity Gossip

This handsome colt was bred by Signature Sporthorses, aka Jessica Stallings amd Kemmofer DesRoche and out of their lovely mare, Honey (aka Scattered Dreams).

He's just been growing up at home, but will be one handsome fellow when he gets in that show ring!!


Count My Blessings

A lovely colt by Counterclaim........bred by Majestic Acres Sporthorses and Shannon Shiller.


A'Claim by Claim to Fame

Just found this photo of A'Claim as a yearling showing in Warrenton, VA......one of Claim to Fame's first foals, and co-winner of the "Best Get of Sire" at Upperville for dear ole dad! She came in 2nd out of 20+ in Upperville and was in the top five of the International Hunter Futurity in Warrenton!

Onyx (A'Claim)is a beautiful filly, now having foals of her own for Bob Janks of Ohio..............but she's representative of the quality of CTF's foals.........even if it is a solid!!


Here is a darling photo of a Counterclaim son born to Shannon Shiller of Majestic Oaks in Monticello, FL. He is shown here at only 3 months old.. The dam is not in the photo, she was a 1/2 warmblood mare by Balta C'Zar.

This is a very special fellow, as he was born healthy after his dam (and 3 others) were hit by lightning. The others died, and she survived due to the heroic efforts of Shannon's husband performing CPR on her~!


Eclipse - growing up!

Thought I'd share photos of another Claim to Fame daughter, Eclipse. She was a gold premium/site winner at her site inspection (shown here)..and is now turning three in the other photos. I love her fancy knees over her first free jumping fence....taking after "dear ole dad"


Claim your Pik 's first jumping effort!

We are so proud of Claim your Pik...one of Counterclaim's first foals....who has been started u/s and his trainer proclaims him "so easy'. Even better, look at these knees over fences in his first free jumping session!!!



Just got this knockout photo of Everest (not sure of his real name), a yearling gelding by Claim to Fame, out of a lovely Oldenburg mare, For Ever, owned by Nicole Bootle in South Carolina.

He's the apple of her eye........no wonder.......he's gorgeous!


Counterclaim/Illya's 2010 foal just born!

This is a photo of Carrie Bell's newest Counterclaim foal.He was only a few days in this photo in June, 2010. I bought his full brother (Encounter). I love the cross......He will be huge and very talented I predict. He is for sale...how about those eyes??????


Krys Waltros's Claim this Dance at her Inspection!

Krys just sent this photo of her darling Claim to Fame filly, Claim this Dance, shown with her dam, Doobie, at her RPSI Inspection in Colorado. Isn't she darling??? (Unfortunately, like my Cha Cha, she wouldn't show of her trot!)


We're happy to share this darling photo of TC (Debbie hasn't told me yet what that stands for!!)...a gorgeous and huge colt (shown at onlt five days old) by Counterclaim out of Alys Island Charm, a 16 H TB mare (granddaughter of Alydar)

Debbie Reed, of East Berne, NY, bred this fellow to sell, but is now having second thoughts (don't we all??).....he's so friendly,huge and quite special!

She's looking forward to a repeat(full sibling) of this gorgeous guy next year!


Welcome Counter Lucky Stars.. by Counterclaim!

Welcome to our first grulla pinto colt.......by Counterclaim and out of Estrella, a lovely pinto mare owned by Krista Sparkman of Oregon City, OR.

Estrella is a lovely mare who has acceled in both Combined Driving and Dressge......and took some time off to have this lovely colt. Luke is shown at only a few weeks old here.......we look forward to more photos!


Claim the Lead by Counterclaim born in New York!

Meet Claim the Lead, a lovely filly born to Foxy Lady, a Connamera Pony, owned by Amy Becker in Dansville, NY. She's shown here at close to two weeks old! This was Amy and Foxy's first foaling experience, and it went without a hitch! We're so happy for everyone!


Counterclaim's newest colt in Ocala!

Welcome to Carrie Bell's new colt by Counterclaim.Her lovely mare, Illya, foaled in May.......what a huge, gorgeous fellow!

We were so impressed with him that we bought him! It's great to have such a handsome Counterclaim foal on our farm. His name is Encounter and the second photo shows him as a yearling.


Carmenere arrives in Wyoming!

Congrats to Kim Norman and her lovely eventing mare, Demi Sec on the birth of this lovely filly!( shown at one day old) A true black minimal white tobiano, she is going to be one fancy girl!!(marked similar to Counterclaim's dam, Moonlight Jewell)

Kim went through a LOT (including 100 mile trips and snow) to make this happen....she's sending the details which I will post soon........but in the meantime....what a happy ending!!!

note: We are all devistated that Kim lost Carmenere at three days old to the soil born disease, Clostridium..........not the happy ending we all thought we had.......Our heart goes out to Kim and Demi Sec!!!!!

We're glad to report that Kim took our offer to rebreed Demi Sec, and she's safely in foal for a 2010 foal.


Bella, Counterclaim's first test foal turns two!

Just got this photo of this darling filly who was one of the first test foals by Counterclaim, out of a lovely big bay Appendix ""QH"" mare here in Tallahassee.....Her family love her lots!

Isn't she gorgeous???


Claim to Fame's 09 filly at Flying Colors

We've settled on a name for this fancy filly.......Claim Applause! With these looks she should get plenty!! First shown at only a few days old, this filly by Claim to Fame and out of Colormarks should mature to at least 16.1H. Shown again just as she's turning one, you can see she'll be a lovely mare!!!

She is fully branded Rheinland Pfalz Saar Internationall with German Warmblood papers. She got an 8.2 on conformation at that inspection! I wish you could see her huge, lovely eye in this photo.


09 arrives with a splash of color, of course!

Meet the first foal born in 09 to Flying Colors stallions ...this darling pinto filly by Claim to Fame. The dam is a WB/TB Cross owned by Janet Wilson (of the Pine Top Eventing family) of Thompson, GA.

Janet says she was hoping for a pinto filly...and is thrilled with this gal! So are we....


This is the last Counterclaim foal born in 08!

Just received this photo of a darling black colt born in New York to Jennifer Kleinhans, DVM's mare, Krystal Rain. Krystal is a lovely 17 hand mare who has been shown successfully on the A Hunter Circuit in New Jersey. He was the last foal born this season. not until the end of July.......but was well worth waiting for!!!


Edge's last special foal!

A good friend, Burrel Davidson od Ocala , FL and MD, , has owned Edge, a lovely TB mare, for over twenty years. They've had a special partnershuip.....with Edge taking Burrel, an amateur, to Grand Prix Jumping wins!!

Edge went on to give Burrel some lovely foals, including her pinto by Claim to Fame last year. As they were heading to the RPSI inspection in 07, Edge slipped and stuck her rear legs THROUGH the aluminum trailer walls, severing arteries!! She was in foal once again to CTF at the time......

She didn't make it to the inspection, and barely made it "anywhere" but with lots of love and care (and spendng the last few months in a stall).....Edge delivered this lovely pinto fellow safely!

I made a surprise visit and snapped this photo with my cell phone......They weren't all spiffed up, but you can see the quality of this little guy! We're so glad he and Edge are fine......he's now being weaned and Edge finally gets to enjoy her retirement!!


Counterclaim's BIGGEST foal..08!!

Sherrie Boles of Cheswick, PA just sent us these photos of her new colt by Counterclaim out of her 17.3 grey Percheron mare! Talk about bone!!!!

This gorgeous guy uis shown here at only THREE DAYS OLD. Now this is what you can get when you cross our 75% TB handsome homozygous fellow with a draft type mare............sport horse breeders and foxhunters quit drooling!!!!!!

Congratulations to Sherrie...........what a darling colt!! Thanks for the pictures.

This cute guy has some LONG LEGS!!


Covergirl arrives in Long Island!!

Jenny Guzzi birthed her first foal ever, and didn't miss a thing when Covergirl arrived! With only a 25% chance of getting a solid (because of pinto to pinto)...the odds went against her! However, you can see by the smile on her face that she loves this perfect filly already! Congratulations......


Welcome Sierra, 08 filly by Counterclaim

We are thrilled to see Sierra, a lovely filly by Counterclaim out of Peggasis Passion, a 16.3 TB mare. She was born April 1 2008 in Hastings, FL and is owned by Sandy Stokey.

This photo was taken when she was only hours old...and we look forward to more photos as she grows up. Sandy hopes to be showing Sierra in the Jacksonville Hunter Breeding Circuit next winter......we sure hope so! What a beautiful girl!!


Sparkle, an 08 filly by Claim to Fame

Meet "Sparkle" a filly born March 08 to Aplaud from Above, a lovely TB mare who was the year end Southeastern Zone Hunter Breeding Champion. They are owned by Kernan Hodges of Jacksonville, a longtime NFHJA Board Member and premier sponsor of the Jacksonville A Winter Series.

We're waiting for more photos, but couldn't resist putting this first one ever taken on the web. She's shown at just a few days old at her first time outside! What perfect coloring for a Hunter Breeding Filly.......we look forward to seeing this "sparkling" filly on the line!! Ahhh ----more photos taken at 30 days old. Look at that dishy face!


Meet Eclipse, a CTF filly born in 08!

Meet Eclipse, a 2/08 filly by Claim to Fame. She was born during the lunar eclipse at Flying Colors Farm... Shown here at three days old, she is marked almost identical to her sire........let's hope she follows in his conformation winning footsteps........she has the looks and conformation to do it!!


Leading USEF Hunter Breeding Handler's CTF foal

Oliver Brown, the leading handler in the US for Hunter Breeding bred his favorite TB mare, Trailee, to Claim to Fame. This is the foal........a young colt, affectionately called Scout.

Scout showed on the line at Warrenton as a yearling......and did very well. Of course, Oliver was so busy handling his "paying clients" horses (and winning the National Championship!)that he didn't get Scout in all the classes. However, he won a 3rd in the Futurity!

We were quite thrilled when someone with Oliver's knowlege bred his special, older 16.2 mare and of all the stallions available,,,,chose Claim to Fame!!



The last expected test foal for Counterclaim arrived 6/26/07 in Tallahassee! This lovely filly was born to a 16.2 appendex TB dam.......and is she gorgeous! She is shown here at ONE day old!

The Prestage family, mom Jana and her daughter Rayne, got their "dream" girl.....a beautifully marked and correct dark bay filly. We are so happy for them, and SO PROUD of Counterclaim!!


Counterclaim does it again!!

Another lovely colt born in 07 to Counterclaim.....out of a chestnut TB hunter show mare....

This cutie is just a few days old in this photo...but is very correct and has the lovely dished face of his sire and grandsire!!


Claim to Fame foal born to Grand Prix mare!!

Just got this photo of a lovely 07 colt born to a solid bay TB mare who has competed in Amateur Jumpers and even won at Grand Prix!

I'm thrilled for Burrell Davidson! Her special performance mare, Edge, just had this gorgeous colt. He reminds me SO MUCH of Claim to Fame at that age....the same "look at me" friendly attitude!!

This guy is so fancy and darling, Burrel wanted to rebreed on Edge's foal heat.......and she already has another coming for 08!!! It'll have to go some to top this handsome guy!!!


Another Counterclaim foal born in Illinois!

Although we didn't have any foals at Flying Colors Farm this spring, it's fun posting our "grandchildren".

< Here is a new colt by Counterclaim born in Illinois. You can tell by his owner's, Lorri Wallis, smiling face that he is healthy and gorgeous!!

Congratulations to her!!.....and see more of Claim Jumper on our News page......he's growing up to be a tall, quiet and beautiful guy! He's the first Counterclaim foal to go to a show......and won his class to boot!!



We are proud to announce the arrival of the first foal ever born to our young stallion, Counterclaim. "Claim your Pik" is a healthy, correct and lovely marked bay pinto colt.

His dam is a bay Hannoverian mare from the Pik line. She is owned by Marsha Hartford-Sapp of Tallahassee, one of the FSU Equestrian coaches.She is also in the photos!

This photo top was taken when he was only five hours old!! He's got the sweetest face, just like grandad (Claim to Fame) and dad with soft brown eyes......(they look different from the flash!)Did you know that a horse will "grow into his blaze?"

Everyone is in love Teddy. He's already cantering with a huge uphill stride.....and has such a friendly attitude!!

Update: Teddy has grown into a wonderful dressage horse!



We are so thrilled that the first pinto colt presented to RPSI for branding and approval was the top foal of his inspection and won a rarely given out "Gold Premium" status!

Exclaimation, a dark bay pinto colt by Claim to Fame, and out of Colormarks, has everything we'd hoped for....movement, muscle and size, gorgeous color and conformation and his sire's beautiful head and neck!

He was Best Young Horse in his first endeavors in Hunter Breeding and now is living in Virginia with his new ownwer, Dr. Susan Funk. She's continuing his Hunter Breeding career up there in the big time! She just told us that he is turning four and is already 16.1 1/2 hands!!


Voltaire - in living color!!!!!!

IT'S A BOY!! (Actually we were hoping for a pinto filly to keep and breed back to Claim to Fame. However, guess we'll just have to settle for a pinto colt by the legendary Dutch stallion, Voltaire)

Actually we're more than thrilled with our newest addition. Our lovely mare, Colormarks,(recently judged premium by RHSPI). just gave birth 4/27/05 to a perfect pinto colt by Voltaire. The leading sire of the 96 Olympics, the leading Hunter sire in the US for the past three years, as well as sire of 90 approved stallion sons in Europe and over 200 States Premium Mares, Volltaire just passed away in 2004. We are thrilled to have a pinto stallion prospect by this famous sire!!!

Here is Colaire (his name combines color and Voltaire!) at his RPSI inspection at 3 months old.

We are thrilled that Colaire shed to be a black and white pinto and looks like he'll be VERY tall!! See more photos of him grown up on our News page!